Writing Update – Feb.



So! I’ve made some progress on my two writing fronts – the academic article and my MS. I think I will talk more in depth about my MS on Friday, but I’ll let you know that I got about 1100 words down the other night and it felt great!

My article on the other hand, is giving me problem after problem. I am using the original capstone I used for my Masters program, but with the article I am really trying to focus it more, so I’ve cut a lot, and rearranged a lot, and re-written whole sections. It’s taking a lot more time and brain power than I had originally expected. And what’s worse is that I had completely forgotten that I need to get approval for the images I plan to use, which I’m assuming is a very long process. I also have to change all of my footnotes into endnotes, which is just going to be a pain in the butt.

My new plan with this is to get it in “good shape” before I take my little vacation next week, and then work on all of the legal things. I want to get it in a pretty solid place before I leave so anything else I do is minor. It’s been killing me though and I am getting worried that it’s not going to even be close enough to good to be published . . . we shall see I suppose!


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