The new MS



As I mentioned on Wednesday, I got some writing done on my MS over the past week or two. I took a little break from it for a while, needing to clear my mind, let everything settle, and let my new plan slowly emerge.

Well it has been, I’ve been taking a lot of notes, and rethinking scenes and whatnot, and I have a new plan! Though it’s still rough, and I don’t completely know where it’s leading me, I am confident that my characters will reveal that to me the more I get into this new draft. I’ve made some major changes to my characters: Brigid (my MC) is much more feisty and capable, one of the secondary MC’s that I wasn’t going to bring in till towards the end of the book is coming in much earlier, and my Dracoish character is much less villainy.

I’m pretty excited about all of these changes and really think this second version (well, 2.5) is going to be so much better than my original draft and first try at edits. I even started a fresh document to literally have a clean slate. Now I just need to get myself back into a good writing routine so that I keep a flow. I am also thinking that I am going to do this summer’s NaNo to help me keep the focus – though with a much lower goal than the last time I did it and ended up burned out for months afterward.


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