What Happened in TX



^ That was me all last week. Frolicking in the fields and loving not having to be a responsible adult. I did do some work-work, but being able to do it in my pajamas, or sitting at a B&N was supremely better and less stressful than at the museum behind my desk. I got to ride my horse almost every day, enjoyed the cold (yes, I know some of you think I’m crazy, but living with no seasonal changes is horrible and I finally got to wear the super cute winter coat I bought last year), and got a ton of writing done!

It’s like not having the stress of my day job freed up my creative brain – who’d’ve thunk it.

I’m loving where my new draft of my MS is going. It’s totally different from the first draft, but that’s part of why I am loving it so much. I am pantsing this pretty seriously, so I know I will have to go back through and iron out the wrinkles, but that was going to happen no matter what. It just feels smarter, and truer to myself. I am still asking the same questions of my characters, but I feel like it’s more organic in this version so far.

Now, I did all of this writing in my journal by hand, so I need to get it all in the computer now, and I will work on that this week probably – it’s going to take a while. I really love the process of writing by hand though, it’s much less stressful for me, though more time consuming for sure. I was always one of those kids who did better when taking notes by hand. The more I write or transcribe things the better they stick with me, so I think it will really help the story develop and grow in the process of writing by hand and then typing it up later.

I did not however get a lot of reading done. My book every 2-3 days became a book every 4-5 days. It’s interesting how busy you can get on vacation! I reread the Legend series though and loved that whole process (Sierra and I got into a pretty epic discussion about it on Monday). And I reread The Winner’s Curse in prep for The Winner’s Crime. I’m just in a rereading mood I guess (Percy Jackson next?).

Anyway, no matter how much I like not having to be responsible, it is good to be back home and getting into my usual routine again. I just hope I won’t loose all this writing energy I gained. . .


5 thoughts on “What Happened in TX

  1. That sounds like an awesome time! I have a love-hate relationship with writing by hand. It’s great for the creative process, but my hand can’t keep up with my brain, so I end up going back to the computer to get things out quickly before I forget them. I’m in awe of your writing-by-hand ability.

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  2. So excited to hear that you’ve fallen back in love with your MS. I think I’ve told you this before, but if I haven’t – whenever I’m stuck in a particularly shitty writing slump, I find that writing by hand always works to free some of those rocks from my hard place, you know what I mean?

    It actually took me a long time to transition from an all-handwritten-first mindset to simply typing it all from the get-go. It’s definitely a longer process, but I feel like it always helped me to think through things better.

    Oh, and thanks for the shoutout. I was dying to have that conversation with SOMEONE! haha.

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