Coming This Week: March 9



Ok, so last week was super long, and I had to work Saturday, and had an Army thing Sunday, so I still don’t think I have caught up from my trip. I’ll fight through it I suppose.

So, this week for book discussions I will have these two awesome books, who caught me by surprise and I am going to go ahead and say are two of my favorites for 2015.

Wednesday, I think I am going to talk about my writing process – we’ve been getting to know each other a lot lately. Friday is still up in the air . . . maybe something historic?

On a side note, have any of you seen “Begin Again” I watched it this weekend and haven’t been able to listen to anything other than the sound track, it’s been really inspirational for my writing!


2 thoughts on “Coming This Week: March 9

  1. Hahah “had an Army thing”! Love it.

    I went back and forth about Red Rising for a long time. I finally had to pass, though. Just not my kinda book.

    Annnd I’ve never heard of Begin Again. Is it… a… TV show? Or something?

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