Getting to Know my Writing



I mentioned last week how February was a really good writing month for me, and I feel really good about the new path my MS is going down. It’s still true, but I am realizing a lot lately – maybe because I am writing a lot after taking my little hiatus – how much I am still figuring out my writing technique.

I’ve certainly mentioned that I like to write by hand. I’ve always been one of those people who learns best by writing things down, and I think the lack of distractions really helps me too. If I’m on the computer I always end up doing other things: looking up music on spotify, clothes shopping, reading blogs, etc. Just having me, a pen, my notebook, and my headphones I can isolate myself within my story and I feel so much more inspiration that way.

Also, I love how when I move it all from my notebook to the computer I get this first wave of editing. I’m still working on getting everything I wrote while I was on vacation transferred over, but I am adding to it, cutting things, expanding on others – it’s working really well for me to get a bit of a second go at it since I am such a pantser and am not really planning this out too much.

I tried outlining my first draft and I felt like I got stuck in the rut of it. And now I hate that draft – so much, I can’t believe that crap came from me. This way feels much more fluid and less concrete. I hope it continues to feel this way. I tried so many different things with my first draft and it took me forever to get through. I know this will take me a bit longer because of having to transcribe, but it’s not like I have any tight deadlines so I am ok with it – as long as I keep to it.

I also like to write at night, so I am trying to do what I did in grad school, and after dinner write for an hour or two, and save my morning for writing blog stuff.

Does your writing technique change often?


3 thoughts on “Getting to Know my Writing

  1. Yeah, the process will always evolve.

    I think my experience with my first completed MS (and the many editing runthroughs) helps my efficiency with my newer projects. I keep things in mind and actually outline a little to keep the pacing good from the first line.

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  2. I am still trying to figure out my technique, too. This is my first time writing a whole book, so I am trying out different things to see what works. I think that always trying and doing new things can keep your ideas fresh!


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