WiP Show and Tell



As promised, below is the new opening to my WiP, a lot has changed from the first draft of this story – and honestly it’s harder to pin down what’s the same than what has changed, but I feel good about where this is taking me, and I hope you all agree!

The hot air whipped through my hair, breathing life into it as it smacked and stung my face. My smile broadened at the sensation and encouraged me to urge Apollo faster, until the beat of his hooves on the hard ground sounded like thunder and drowned out the world.

As I have started from scratch, I have about 9,000 words so far and am slowly moving forward. And who knows, maybe I’ll start sharing with you guys more!


4 thoughts on “WiP Show and Tell

  1. Now that’s a hook. I love the imagery of life being breathed into her hair, of her exuberance while riding. There’s already an atmosphere of excitement and maybe even anticipation that makes me wanna read more. Like I’m excited right now, both for you and for the character. This is great. A lot better than the last excerpt you shared.

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