Goodreads Summary:

Gorgeous. Popular. Perfect.

Perfectly wrong.

Tally has finally become pretty. Now her looks are beyond perfect, her clothes are awesome, her boyfriend is totally hot, and she’s completely popular. It’s everything she’s ever wanted.

But beneath all the fun — the nonstop parties, the high-tech luxury, the total freedom — is a nagging sense that something’s wrong. Something important. Then a message from Tally’s ugly past arrives. Reading it, Tally remembers what’s wrong with pretty life, and the fun stops cold.

Now she has to choose between fighting to forget what she knows and fighting for her life — because the authorities don’t intend to let anyone with this information survive.

Still lacking the emotional connection to the characters I felt in the first book; but it was really interesting to see how vast the world is becoming and the social and intellectual challenges Tally faces.

Tally just can’t catch a break. And though the first one was “meh,” this one I was just bored.

The relationship note I’m pretty neutral about. I don’t think I like David from the last book any better than Zane from this one, and I appreciate how Tally is going through her options, but I still can’t get completely behind her and Zane, not that he’s done anything to offend.

The anthropology experiment is interesting, and shows an ever reaching hand from the Specials and whatever other governing factor plays a role in their city.

Honestly though, I just didn’t really like this book. Tally was almost completely different from the one we’d met in the first book, though I did feel there was more overall growth from her. And I flat out hated Shay.

Again, like with Uglies, not too much to say. It was fine, but that was all.


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