Coming This Week: April 6



I hope everyone had a good Easter! Mine was spent writing, which I think isn’t too shabby of a way to do it. Especially since this is the end of the first week of Camp NaNo!


Yes I am doing it again, but with what I think is a much more realistic goal of 30,000 words. I’m not a terribly fast writer especially with my process, and I was so burnt out after last years camp that I didn’t write anything good for months. So I am taking it relatively easy this time around and not trying to rush myself.

So, on Wednesday, in celebration of my NaNoing this year I am going to share another snippet of my WiP. Friday we’ll get back to some Band of Brothers with Episode 3 and it’s concurring chapters. And tomorrow and Thursday look for these book discussions:

Now, both of these are re-takes of fairy tales and I loved them. Tear You Apart is also part of the 365DaysofYA Challenge – which I won the Winter season grand giveaway for! It was so exciting, I get a hardcopy of Red Queen, so even though I have it in ereader format now I’ll have the georgous tangible one to adorn my bookshelf with, and these adorable magnetic bookmarks. So if you haven’t been convinced before, you should really do the challenge!


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