NaNo Summary



There is only one day left of NaNo! But the most exciting thing is that I met my word count last night!  I struggled a bit the first two weeks, then hit a really great run for the following. Honestly last night was a hard start, I think I was nervous about finishing, but I got into a good flow and actually overshot! I’ve completed 30,205 of my 30,000 words! This time with NaNo was so much easier than my first try. I don’t know if it was because this is my second WiP, because the story is coming to me so much easier, or because I’m not in grad school anymore – probably a combination of everything, but it was great!

And in the little tradition that I seem to have started I’ll give you another segment. This is post the escape from the prison, lots of traveling has taken place, as well as some physical struggles. But here is the first tender moment that is shared between Brigid and Rhydian.

The chirping of birds and soft snuffles of the horses gently pulled me from sleep. For the first time since all of this started I felt a contentment I hadn’t realized I’d been missing. I fought consciousness for a moment, relishing the warmth and comfort enveloping me. Eventually, I peeled my eyelids back, and found my face pressed against a dark tan shirt, the spicy smell of man flooding my nostrils and a soft thumping beating against my ear. As awareness worked its way to the rest of my body I noticed that a chin lightly pressed against the top of my head, an arm wrapped around my shoulders, another draped across my waist, my legs intertwined with another’s. I heard a snort behind me and my muscles stiffened. Rhydian woke at my slight movement, pulling me closer to him for a moment before he stiffened too. He quickly peeled himself away from my body twisting his hips away from me. He cleared his throat and gave my shoulder a quick squeeze before releasing me completely.

Aren’t they just darling. Nothing like unconscious cuddles to let you know you’ve got the hots for someone else.



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