I’ve heard about Scrivener for a while, but never really thought it was appealing. Well, when I was perusing the winner’s prizes for NaNo, Scrivener was half off, making it all of $20, so I decided to go for it.

Well, it certainly is cool, and offers up so many ways to keep your drafting, inspiration, outlining, and profiles all in one place. But, as I work in a very broken up way I haven’t figured out how to unify it all on the program just yet. I have my pinterest board for my book, and I will pull some of those images over to help me when I get to specific scenes. I like that I can make notes in the margins about what I generally want to happen, since I am a pantser that will certainly help me keep up my train of thought.  Really though, right now I am just kind of overwhelmed by it. There is so much it can do! And I don’t know how to make it work for me!

Given that I pulled my draft into it while I was already about halfway done I don’t think has helped much. When I start my historical fiction from the ground up I think it will be much more useful and I will put all of my inspiration, my little notes, my character profiles in it so that they are all in one place.

I think I just need to get used to it. Do you guys use any special writing software? How do you use it, since I obviously don’t really know what I want to do with it just yet!


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