Coming This Week: May 18



Today is a sad day. My bestie Sara is moving back to the mainland, and I don’t know what I will do when she leaves me! Our Sunday sbux days will be lost; our epic slumber parties where we get buzzed on wine and talk about nerdy things like the origins of regional accents, bitch about our jobs, and of course talk about books will be put on an indefinite rain check; and most upsetting – she will no longer be a 10 minute walk around the corner. I’m gonna miss you bestie, but we’ll be partying it up in Andorra in no time (because she’s a genius and got a Fulbright to go there).

Anyway, you all can put away your tiny violins, I’ll get to the point.

Tuesday and Thursday look for these book discussions:

Wednesday I’m going to talk about my writing, or lack there of, this past week and how I am dealing with it. Friday is Episode 9 of BoB (only one more left!).

Now all of you you need to go hug your besties!


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