Feeling a bit Stuck



So last week I blamed my lack of writing on my husbands long last return (and heard all about it from him), this week I was going to blame it on the last week I had with my bestie, but then I decided to be honest with myself.

I’m stuck.

So once this was finally admitted, I was able to start to approach how to solve that. I went back to pen and paper, and did some brainstorming. My general process of pantsing gets to me sometimes. I’ll have a path laid out that I want to achieve, rough images of scenes that I want to do, but nothing too solid. Well then my characters take me in directions I hadn’t planned on, as they tend to do, and I get lost.

Well, I kind of love how this happens, but inevitably, it makes me have to stop and take a step back sometimes. Also, I have to stop putting off the plot issues that I was choosing to ignore in earlier stages and focus on those too. So, I spent my last sbux date with the bestie roughly sketching some outlines to the “big ideas” of my story, and talking to the husband about it, which went like this:

me: You think my ideas are stupid and have already be done in every way possible

husband: no I don’t, I just don’t read your genre

me: well all your sci-fi books are basically the same story when you boil it down

husband: and so are all of your dystopians

Then, satisfied that I was not completely unoriginal, I scribbled down a few more notes and went and read.

Now, I am continuing to try and give myself a bit more of a outline for what I want to happen in this second half of the book. And I think am going to write a scene I have been thinking about for a while just to get my writing juices flowing again. I hate writing out of order, but sometimes I have to to be able to think about another scene.

How do you guys cope with feeling stuck?


4 thoughts on “Feeling a bit Stuck

  1. I usually go to a trusted writing friend/editor and spill all my frustrations about being stuck to them via e-mail or text or what-have-you. They always have some keen insight into my psyche or my writing that will get me going again.
    I know how you feel about pantsing and plotting. It’s so weird for me. In academic writing, I was the queen of outlines and notecards, but with my creative writing, it’s harder to stick to it.
    However, recently, I’ve come back to appreciating and needing outlining. Even if my characters do something unexpected, at least I have something to return to to keep me on track. Good luck!

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    • That’s a good resource, and one of the things I really lack right now. I’ve started thinking more about finding myself a critique partner or group lately, I just have no idea where to look first!


      • One of the best editors/critique partners I’ve ever had (and currently have), I actually met on WP! We chatted for a few months and then started sending our stuff back and forth. She’s invaluable to my creative process. And another person is someone I knew growing up who now teaches english at a community college. So I have both the academic perspective and an author’s perspective. Both are amazingly helpful in different ways.

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