Coming This Week: May 25



It’s Memorial Day! So I have to get historic on you all and note where Memorial Day originates. Which I may have done last year . . . anyway it started as Decoration Day. No one knows for sure where it originated, but many of the cities who claim it are in the South (and I’m pretty sure that’s the version I was taught in my Civil War class), it was a way for the families of Civil War soldiers to celebrate the lives of their loved ones, and the sacrifices they made in fighting for their beliefs. Some city in New York was named the home of Decoration Day, but in 1971 it was finally made a national holiday and became Memorial Day as we know it, taking on the remembrance of all veterans (which started after WWI) and all American campaigns.

Well, now that I got that out, here is what you have to look for the rest of the week.

Tomorrow and Thursday book reviews will finish the new series I started on last Thursday:

Friday will be episode 10 of Band of Brothers, I can’t believe we are at the end! And Wednesday will be a writing update.

Have a good Memorial Day!


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