Getting Back into a Groove



Last week I mentioned how I was having some writer’s block, and what I was doing to get out of that rut.

Well, it’s been going ok! I did some brainstorming to get my thoughts organized. I did some Pinteresting to give myself some visual inspiration, and I wrote longhand. I even had to refill my fountain pen, which just really made me feel like a sophisticated writer.

I haven’t been writing everyday, but I am getting back into it and have at least been doing it every other day. And when I do write I’ve been getting about 1,000 words out in a sitting, which seems to be about my quota. I am hoping once I am doing nothing but writing I will triple that, but that’s not an issue for a while!

I’m feeling good about where I this story is going, and though I’m not sure if this is a good thing or not, I am already thinking about edits to make the story stronger. Hopefully this time when I start edits I don’t toss the draft like last time!

First I have to finish this draft though. I am getting closer, and I’m getting really excited about it!


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