Coming This Week: June 8


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So this week we get a new staff member to my department at the museum. It’s very exciting and will take a lot of the pressure off me that has been pushed my way the last couple months. And since I will probably be moving back to OK sometime in the next couple months I’m glad there will be someone in the department to ensure it doesn’t fall apart as soon as I leave!

Anyway, this week I have an extra book review for you guys. It’s my first ARC book, so I was pretty excited about that new step in book reading/reviewing and wanted to get it up. I’m sure all of you have been dealing in ARCs for a while, but it made be feel like this book blogging thing got more official.

So! Look for these books:

They are all really different from each other so it will be a pretty diverse week!

Friday I am doing a post about horses. I have been reading more fantasy books of late, and none of them have been that terrible on horse stuff, but they have reminded me about the ones I have read that were terrible. So it’s a venting/educational horse post!


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