Making Time to Write



That’s something I really need to do, because it seems lately that the only time I get any writing done is on the weekends. And this past week was an exception to that as well since I was trying to get prepared for my trip this week.

I don’t know what it is, but I just feel like my life is extra busy lately, and I’m always tired! Now I am constantly thinking about my writing, and where I want to go from where I have left off, but I haven’t actually sat down and put any of those thoughts to paper.

The one that’s pestering me the most centers around the fact that so far my MC is finding her biggest challenge in nature – I mean she’s already succumb to heat exhaustion, altitude sickness, just experienced her first tornado, and I want her to fall prey to a rickety bridge and fast river next – part of me thinks this is a bit excessive. But the other part of me, and the one that is winning most of these internal debates is saying that these all have a point!

It shows that she’s not as bad ass as she thinks she is, it illustrates just how sheltered she was in her city that she has never had to face any of these things before, and ultimately acts as an overarching theme that points out that she’s really not that powerful. In the scheme of things she’s just one person. One person who is experiencing the outside world for the first time, and though she’s having all these issues she continues to persevere because she’s in awe of it all, and because she knows that achieving her goal isn’t going to be easy.

But what do you guys think, am I overdoing it? I feel like cutting the heat exhaustion could be pretty easy and not affect much, but the other three events act as pretty big launching points for plot advancement and character growth.

As I’ve said before, I can’t wait till I don’t have a day job anymore to really focus on my writing and see if I can take this beyond a hobby (not too much longer!). If only I could make money on the side through my excessive reading I would be set!


2 thoughts on “Making Time to Write

  1. I don’t think those things you listed are overdoing it at all – in fact, it sounds like a welcome change. I love watching our protags fail miserably at something they think they’ll be great at or others will or that they should be. I think those are the moments that make protags the most relatable – who the hell doesn’t recall a time when they just kept getting beat to the ground when things were all prepped to take off in a totally opposite direction, you know?

    Plus, I think we can all agree – but even if we don’t, I must say – that it is SO annoying when protags are good at every damned little thing they try their hand at. They’re a “natural”; they’re “exceptional”; they’re “learning so much more quickly than normal…” Yawn, huh?

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    • Yes! This is what I was going for. she’s a bad ass in her environment, and she’s still got skills, but they don’t help her as much when her main challenge is getting across a continent she’s never experienced before.


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