Coming This Week: July 6



And before I regale you all with my adventures in New Zealand let me first say happy belated 4th of July (and Canada day for our northers neighbors on the 1st).

I will be getting back to my usual schedule this week. So on Tuesday and Thursday look for the book reviews of:

Wednesday I will be doing my July link up for the 365DaysofYA challenge.

And on Friday, I will be announcing a giveaway!! So definitely make sure you check that out.

Now, to what I know all of you are really wanting . . .

Basically, New Zealand was the prettiest place I have ever been. At times I was reminded of the Pacific Northwest in the U. S., at others the mountains in Colorado, then the highlands of Scotland and the European Alps. Driving we would constantly turn a corner and all gasp, either at another crystal clear lake flanked by mountains, or at the winding rivers in the rainforests.

For the most part everyone we came across was super nice and we had such an easy time getting around and chatting to people. Queenstown was much more multicultural that I expected and it was littered with Indian, Thai, Japanese, Irish, Middle Eastern, and American stores and restaurants.

Also, I know you expect sheep when you head down there, and you won’t be disappointed, but there are also deer farms, and a ton of cows.

I was also really impressed with just how well they take care of their landscape. We didn’t see stray trash at all (except for when the Chinese tour bus swept theirs onto the street and drove away – the Kiwis were not a fan of their tourist etiquette – and I couldn’t blame them).

I’ve pretty much decided that if I ever become an ex-pat that’s where I’m going.


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