Coming This Week: July 13



Do I have any British followers? Do you all do this ^? I have an English friend who says she doesn’t, but she could be lying. Anyway . . .

I’m still getting back into the grove of things post vacation, and wishing I was still on vacation because things are getting busy! We are closer to moving so I am trying to start getting organized for that. I’ve turned in my resignation at work, and I’ve sold my car! So as of next week I will have no mode of transportation, which will only be really inconvenient when the husband can’t share his ride. I’m also down to my last couple riding lessons out here, which is pretty sad, I loved my instructor, she taught me so much!

Anyway, enough about my life. This week for book reviews keep an eye out for:

I did not expect to enjoy these books as much as I did, they were just so much fun!

Wednesday and Friday I am going to talk about my writing a bit, where I am, what my plan is, new techniques that are helping me, etc.

So happy Monday everyone!


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