Writing Playlist



So Wednesday I talked about how I have been struggling (I feel like that’s all I talk about when I talk about my writing on here), but I have also found a new tool to help keep the inspiration flowing!

I see a lot of people and authors talking about playlists that accompany their writing. Helping to get the creative juices flowing or to visualize a scene. Well, I have finally done it for myself, and put together a playlist for Elysia. Some of it is just music that always evokes a lot of emotion in me – a lot of the Band of Brothers soundtrack. Some of it helps me visualize the more military and mythological influences I am drawing from – the Gladiator soundtrack. And others just make me think of certain characters or scenes.

Do you guy’s do this, or have certain bands/genres you listen to when writing?

Also, here is my Elysia playlist below!



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