Coming This Week: July 20



So let me go ahead and start off with the notice that I am taking Friday off of blogging. And it may be sporadic Friday blogging for a while, because life is about to get super crazy for me. My husband finally got orders, and we have to be off the island in 4 weeks exactly! Let me just tell you, that’s a pretty short time to move, especially across a big ocean, so just hang in there with me for a bit.

I have already sold my car though, so that’s one thing that’s done. But now I’m trying to get a new car that’s basically waiting for me in TX. Luckily, my parents are being super helpful, and my dad is a really good negotiator when it comes to buying cars so it’s going pretty well (and Hi Mom! – she’s recently become a subscriber).

Anyway, for the two book reviews this week look for:

Two very different books. Magonia is sci-fi while Fall of Giants is Historical Fiction. Wednesday I don’t know what I will be chatting about yet. Maybe something about writing in the mornings again as I will have to wait for the husband to come home after PT so I can have the car and go to work (which I only have two weeks left of, whoo-hoo!).

So anyway, I’m off to have some more coffee, happy Monday!


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