Coming This Week: Aug. 3



It’s August! Fall is almost here, and I will actually be able to experience it this year, exciting! So this is my first week without working, it’s pretty great not having to get out of my pajamas all day if I don’t want to, but I will certainly miss my job, especially since I was finally starting to see some results of all my work. Oh well though, at least on my last day the director of a museum in VA was there and stopped and talked to my coworkers and I about the new program we launched and how awesome it was. So that was a great feeling – to hear someone who has gone to school for museums and is the director of one confirm that the program was good and the message we were trying to get across was successful. Not a bad last day at all.

Anyway, to  blogy things. This week look for the book discussions on:

Two sequels! Wednesday, I will be posting my link-up for the 365 Days of YA challenge for this month. And maybe, MAYBE, Friday I will post about all the amazing writing I am getting done this week. But more likely you’ll get that next Wednesday. Especially since this weekend is crunch time as we get ready for the packers!

So anyway, happy Monday, and don’t leave people voice-mails (Father – I won’t listen to them if you do).



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