Burning the Midnight Oil



Now that I am not working, I’m getting back into my night owl routine. I’ve been finding that the afternoon and evenings are my most productive writing times. And even with all the craziness that moving brings I’m doing a lot more writing than I have in a while, since Camp NaNo actually. I’m so close to the end of this MS draft too! I don’t know if I will finish completely before we fly off island on Monday, but I will at least get pretty close.

This afternoon, after the kitty gets his certificate of health for his flight, I am going to walk down to the trusty Starbucks by our hotel and plug away! I will say though, I miss my Scrivner already. I’ve really gotten to like how it breaks down into individual chapters, and into individual scenes within those chapters, it just seems to take some of the stress off. At least I got a better keyboard for my Surface now though so writing with this is much easier.

Anyway, I am really enjoying these last few chapters. Last time I was close to the end of the draft I started to freak out a little, and I did get nervous when I realized how close to the end I was with this draft, but things seem to be coming a lot easier. Though, I am about to reveal the Twist! and it’s giving me a little trouble, I have been pushing off fully developing the idea and now it’s too late. Literally the end of my last chapter, the MC asks, “What’s the big plan?” Well Brigid, that’s a good question, one I am hoping to iron out in the next few days.

I’m starting to think I could like this whole -e all I need to worry about for the next six months is my writing thing (though I am still going to be working on getting myself some museumy roles on the side. Can’t quit my day job just yet, and I don’t really want to).


4 thoughts on “Burning the Midnight Oil

  1. That’s awesome!! I love it when good progress is made, and in a short amount of time. I think I had a hard time writing “The End” the first time, because I felt like it couldn’t really be the end. I’d worked so long and so hard on it, I started to have panic attacks because I kept thinking it was junk and I had to start over. Interesting huh? Good luck with your last few chapters!

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