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I know there are still a lot of people out there who are anti e-reader. I understand, I really do, I used to be one of them. When I found out we were moving to Hawaii I decided I would give in though and jump on the band wagon. I mean sand and wind are not friends to paper pages you know. My husband already had a Barnes & Noble Nook, so I got one too, and I instantly fell in love. So many books in one little device! Instant gratification for when you finish a book and want to start another one. No waiting for the mail to come or running to the book store (though I still love wandering the stacks of a B&N), and best of all, no more extra weight in my purse to accommodate my need to always have a book.

Well, I was a dedicated Nooker since 2012. However, the constant announcements about how poorly Nook is doing and the cuts they are making has basically had me terrified that it is going to tank for a while. And what about all the books I already have on my Nook (up near the 200s), am I just going to loose all of them? If the failure of the Zune is any indication, the answer is yes. So my husband and I decided to go ahead and make the jump over to Kindle, put an end to any more books we are sure to loose in the future. Furthermore, we are to the point where we are having to get new Nooks every year just because they don’t last, and all the Kindle research we have done says they last several years without any major issues.

So, we got our Kindle’s on Monday! So far I have only read one book on it, I still have a few on my Nook I need to read before I officially transfer over to Kindle. And I am going to try and limit my rebuying books to those series I am currently reading, and eventually those I choose to re-read, but I’m not thrilled about having to rebuy books. Maybe I’ll just go ahead and do hardcopies of those I know I’ll continue to reread. Anyway, we got the Voyage, which has an automatic adjustable light that really appealed to me since I read a lot in bed at night after my husband has already gone to sleep. It has the buttons on the side to turn the page that he really likes. And a ton of cool perks, like a link to your goodreads account, and this “x-ray” option that will refresh your memory on aspects of the book if you ask it to.

I will say though, for how cool the extras are, and how slim and compact it is, I like the look of the Nook’s home screen a lot better. It was just so much cleaner and organized looking. There are a lot of adds on the Kindle and extra little things in the margins that I’m not a huge fan of, I’ll get used to them though.

What about you guys though, do you have a Nook, or are you still banning e-readers for your homes?

10 thoughts on “Kindle Convert

  1. Save the books from your Nook and use callibre to convert them to kindle formats and hard load them to your device or email them to your free kindle email address and voila you have all your Ebooks


  2. I have a Nook that’s lasted me years but earlier this year my husband and I got these verizon tablets with the Kindle app on them so I’ve been reading from there. I do still love my Nook, but the formatting can be weird and the books can be expensive, so I kinda prefer my “Kindle.” (Oh, it may as well be, I don’t use it for anything else haha.)

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