Coming This Week: Aug. 24



Being back on the mainland is awesome! And being back in Texas is even more awesome! I also have me new car, which is just so exciting, it has a moonroof!

Anyway, For book reviews with week look out for:


Also, one of my favorite bloggers over at Inkcouragement tagged me in this 3 Days, 3 Quotes challenge a couple weeks ago. I’ve had to think about it a bit, but I’m starting it today, and the other two will come out on Wednesday and Friday. After each quote, one is supposed to tag another blogger to take part. Well I’ve got a few blogger buddies who I’d be interested to see their responses, so I will just say that if Jennifer (who I was lucky enough to beta read for), Sierra (who I will be town-buddies with soon), or Teri over at Books & Such see this, you should defiantly go for it!

Anyway, in honor of my nominator, who was so kind as to mention how much she loves all of my useless history information, my first quote will be one that I actually had tattooed on my back (in a condensed form)  when I got my Master’s degree in history. I found it in one of the first books I read for my MA, which was for my historiography course – a class about the history of history – it’s from a man named John Earle and is about his views on Antiquarians, the first “historians,” and was published in 1628.

He is one that hath that unnatural disease to be enamored of old age, and wrinkles, and loves all things (as Dutchmen do cheese) the better for being moldy and wormeaten.

It goes on and on, and if Earle’s snark isn’t evident in this tid-bit then you can definitely pick it up in the complete version. Though it’s picking fun at Antiquarians and their love for anything old with the slightest chance of being something important, I love it, it sums up the less than glamorous way Historians are viewed outside the school, and I think even more by how we view each other, and probably even more suitable for me given my line of work.

Don’t worry, this is as nerdy as I will get, the following two will be from books.



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