Review: The Wicked Will Rise



Goodreads Summery:

In this dark, high-octane sequel to the New York Times bestselling Dorothy Must Die, Amy Gumm must do everything in her power to kill Dorothy and free Oz.

To make Oz a free land again, Amy Gumm was given a mission: remove the Tin Woodman’s heart, steal the Scarecrow’s brain, take the Lion’s courage, and then Dorothy must die…

But Dorothy still lives. Now the Revolutionary Order of the Wicked has vanished, and mysterious Princess Ozma might be Amy’s only ally. As Amy learns the truth about her mission, she realizes that she’s only just scratched the surface of Oz’s past—and that Kansas, the home she couldn’t wait to leave behind, may also be in danger. In a place where the line between good and evil shifts with just a strong gust of wind, who can Amy trust—and who is really Wicked?

I thought the first book was dark, this one is obsidian.

In the first book I had a lot of questions, mainly about how Amy became this’s bad ass witch so fast and who, if anyone, she could really trust. Well, this one clears up a little of the second question (not many people, and none of who you thought), and only gets murkier with the first.

Amy and the magic of Oz have a very tumultuous relationship in this chapter of the story. The darkness is literally taking her over, and I don’t really understand why, as she’s a pretty good person with the right goals, unless it’s a Kansas thing (which it’s looking like it may be?).

There really wasn’t too much forward motion with the goal of offing Dorothy in this book, it’s really just Amy trying to find her friends, Ozma coming back from her insanity, and Amy’s draw to the magic. It sure did leave on a cliff-hanger though. I am so worried that she is going to give in to whatever darkness is trying to take her over, especially since the lines between good and evil are starting to be defined again in Oz.

Suspense! However, I think I enjoyed the first book better, so it fails me in my love for sequels.



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