Color Time!



I don’t know how many of you are aware, but grown-up coloring is a thing. And there are even grown-up coloring books, so you are not limited to Disney Princesses (though I wouldn’t pass that up myself). I have jumped on that band-wagon with the first two books from Johanna Basford. They have mazes, intricate pages you can color, and hidden pictures to find throughout the book.

I know, it’s super cool.

Well, I got my books a couple weeks ago and have determined that it is exactly what I was looking for. Since I won’t be working for the next 7ish months, I wanted something to break up my reading and writing time, while still stimulating my creative side. I think these are going to be perfect for that! I’m still on the first page (because look at it, it’s huge and super intricate, and because I haven’t had time to play with it lately) and I am enjoying the freedom of being able to color as much or as little of it as I want. Though there is a danger of obsession here, one day I just kept telling myself “one more flower,” and then an hour later. . .

Anyway, if you are looking for a new hobby, pastime, distraction, you should definitely check these books out, they are so beautiful and fun!


14 thoughts on “Color Time!

  1. I recently discovered them during my stay in the hospital. THEY’RE SO COOL. Mine weren’t quite as intricate as the one pictured, but I loved picking the color scheme and just saying, “Hm, all these shapes are going to be blue. All these lines are going to be green.” Who knew coloring was still so much fun? 😀

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