Review: Pivot Point



Goodreads Summary:

Knowing the outcome doesn’t always make a choice easier… 

Addison Coleman’s life is one big “What if?” As a Searcher, whenever Addie is faced with a choice, she can look into the future and see both outcomes. It’s the ultimate insurance plan against disaster. Or so she thought. When Addie’s parents ambush her with the news of their divorce, she has to pick who she wants to live with—her father, who is leaving the paranormal compound to live among the “Norms,” or her mother, who is staying in the life Addie has always known. Addie loves her life just as it is, so her answer should be easy. One Search six weeks into the future proves it’s not.

In one potential future, Addie is adjusting to life outside the Compound as the new girl in a Norm high school where she meets Trevor, a cute, sensitive artist who understands her. In the other path, Addie is being pursued by the hottest guy in school—but she never wanted to be a quarterback’s girlfriend. When Addie’s father is asked to consult on a murder in the Compound, she’s unwittingly drawn into a dangerous game that threatens everything she holds dear. With love and loss in both lives, it all comes down to which reality she’s willing to live through… and who she can’t live without.

This was a lot more romance centered than I had been expecting, but it wasn’t overwhelming with the ongoing mystery and action in the background. However, the world building was lacking and I am certainly hoping that will improve in the second one (because I have to read it now because I have to know how her new relationship with the main boy goes down). I have seen mixed reviews about the second one, I’m going to give it a shot though.

The general premise is really interesting and I liked the whole concept of her looking down the two paths and how similar and different they were. There is one path that the author makes you want her to choose, but it’s done really well. I didn’t feel like that path was being shoved down my throat, but the relationships and how Addie acted in one of the paths was much more appealing, highlighting the best of the character.

The underlying mystery in this story I think could have been improved if it had surfaced earlier, as the beginning was a bit slow. The ending though I really liked. I appreciated how the path that Addie chose wasn’t based off a romance or something selfish, she chooses something for the better of her friends and family. I am really interested to see though how the hint of her new skills are going to be played out, how her relationships will be different in this new timeline, and if the world becomes any clearer/in depth.


2 thoughts on “Review: Pivot Point

  1. I found this one a little lacking. I liked my Texas boy, and he’s the only thing I really somewhat enjoyed about the book. It was a little too simplistic and straightforward in tone and plot. I think we feel the same about that aspect. I was gonna read the sequel, at first, but I’ve since lost interest.

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