Coming This Week: Sep. 28



Our Household Goods come today!!

That’s right, no more sleeping on a (full-sized) futon, sitting on the floor, and only having a Dutch oven to cook dinner with. Yay!!!

Though, as is standard with any military move, the active duty member seems to only be present for one stage of moving. So I’ll be alone Monday dealing with the movers, but fortunately life as an Army Brat has me prepared. Really the only thing it impacts is that I won’t be able to get as many boxes unpacked so the movers can take them off my hands. Luckily, as it’s only 2 of us, we don’t have all that much anyway.

So, since I will be spending the week (Father’s set time limit to have the house completely unpacked and settled, and I have upheld) I am only going to be posting my usual scheduled book reviews. Hopefully next week, since I will have my computer again, I will get some more exciting things up. Maybe something writing related?

Book reviews, look for:

And huzzah for metal utensils and wine glasses!


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