Par Avion



“Par Avion,” is the working title for my next WiP. I am in the brainstorming/research/outlining stage. But I am really excited about it. It’s a historical fiction, so something completely different from my first MS and something I am really looking forward to given my professional background.

I actually got the inspiration for this story while working at the museum in HI. There was a set of letters I was working on from a young man who joined the Hawaiian Army Air Corps when he graduated from High School in 1939. He was killed during the attack on Pearl Harbor, but all of his letters that he sent back to his sweetheart were donated to the museum. They were so amazing! The language, the penmanship, the sentiment. I was enamored of them. I felt like I knew this guy though he lived long before I was born and only this small fragment of him remained.

The power of those letters was something that I couldn’t get over. So out came this idea! My story will focus on two individuals during WWII. A young woman who is going to be a Women’s Air Service Patrol (WASP) member – female pilots who ferried aircraft from the manufacturers to the front lines. And a young man who is an airborne soldier fighting in Europe (loosely based on Easy Co. of the 101st. – because I am obsessed with Band of Brothers).

My idea is to start each chapter with a letter that they have received, either from family, friends, or each other, and then get to spend some time with them in their daily lives. This is a big project, and it’s kind of daunting, but I am also really excited for it. I am looking forward to the research and how what I discover alters my ideas (it already has).

What do you all think about this idea?


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