Coming This Week: Oct. 26



No offense to the Halloween lovers, but I just don’t fall in with that band-wagon. I will go to a party if invited, but otherwise I am perfectly content to sit at home in the dark hiding from the trick-or-treaters. While watching Hocus Pocus of course so you can’t completely hate my lack of enthusiasm.

Anyway, so this week I am starting on online seminar about Heroism in WWI and how it changed the idea of what a Hero was/was not. It should be pretty interesting so I am looking forward to that. I am also going to start getting organized for NaNo! I have never done full on NaNoWriMo so this will be a first for me. As I am not ready to begin my HF WiP I am going to use the time to focus on the editing of my current MS and try to get that finished.

In book discussions this week look for:

And on Wednesday I am going to share a short story that I wrote recently. I’m pretty nervous about it so be nice! Not that you all are usually mean, but you know. . .


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