Coming This Week: Nov. 2



This is a big week! NaNo started, which I am entered in with my MS and it’s first round of edits. I know that’s not what it’s supposed to be used for, but I am nowhere close to being ready with my net WiP so this was it, and I think it will help me finish early.

Also, I will be in TX for the week, which is always fun, especially when there are ponies involved! Then my husband and I are going to the Texas A&M v. Auburn game this weekend, which if our team can get it’s act together could be super fun. Or we could waste $300 on seats for half a game then go get dinner at the nice bar/steakhouse in town.

So, for book discussions keep an eye out for:

For Wednesday I’ll have my October 365DaysofYA book link up.


10 thoughts on “Coming This Week: Nov. 2

  1. I think you should use NaNo for whatever motivation you need. I’ve been in a writing slump lately. I know what needs to be written, but my perfectionism and overachieving nature get in the way of just thumping out a first draft. So I’m using NaNo as a way to just get words on paper. In a completely new manuscript. Literally starting at page one and pantsing my way through it. If it never works as a book, it’ll still help because I’ll have gotten something written versus nothing. Good luck!

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