Camp NaNo Results



Is it just me or does November seem like a terrible time for NaNo? I mean Thanksgiving is a major disruption. It’s better than December though I guess.

Anyway, I didn’t win, didn’t even get close, but like every time I do this I learned something new about my writing. That’s a type of winning right?

I went into this NaNo session planning to edit my current MS. I didn’t plan on any brand new writing, but wanted to focus on cleaning things up. Well that lasted for about 1/3 of my MS, before I decided I had a much better way to go about this story. So I scraped pretty much everything and started with a blank sheet once again.

While I’m kind of annoyed that I can’t get through a complete edit without starting over with this MS, each time I revamp my idea I feel so much better about it – like maybe this could actually become a serious thing.

So that’s what happened. I got through about 10K words of editing, then wrote a whole 24K of brand new stuff.

I’m liking how it feels right now and I think this will be the last major change (maybe?). Also, I figured out that I respond really well to having a visual representation of my progress. I’ve always known that I do better when I’m being held accountable to someone/something, but now I’ve devised a way to take the NaNo visuals and apply them to my daily writing. It’s basically a spreadsheet with a graph, but I think it’ll really help me stick to goals and avoid long spells of unachiement. Or at least that’s the hope.

How did you all do with NaNo this time?


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