Par Avion’s 1st Words!



I talked a couple weeks ago about a new WiP I am brainstorming/outlining. Well, I now officially have my first words down for it!

If you look right you will also notice a new progress bar for it, I like having visual representations of my writing progress, and you all can keep me honest since you have a way to watch my writing progress too. I am still in major edits of my MS right now so PA won’t get too much new attention for a little bit probably, it’s still exiting though.

In celebration, here are the first lines for my new WiP

December 4, 1941

Dear Mother,

Hawaii is spectacular. I have begun thinking Chuck had the right idea to enlist in the Navy. Perhaps I’ve wasted all those years at University. I can’t imagine the Army will have anything so wondrous for me to encounter. There is a large Army base up north of Pearl Harbor though, maybe Chuck and I could share an apartment. . .

Chuck took me to one of the sailors favorite haunts down in Honolulu. The nurses all come in their uniforms and the local girls did the hula in their grass skirts.

Today we’re going to try surfing at Waikiki beach. It’s littered with sailors in their latex bathing suits and their girls. Swimming in December! Whoever would have thought about that back home, even in Texas it’s too cold for that.

Must go, Chuck sends his love -Tell Father I managed to talk to his commander, he’s doing the family proud.

Your loving son,



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