Coming This Week: Dec. 14



First, let me announce a slight scheduling change. I am taking the holiday break off, so this is the last week of posts before the new year. I should be back on the 4th!

Overall, I think this has been a pretty good blogging year. I’ve had new followers, more comments, more views, and solidified a pretty good schedule for myself. Beyond the numbers though, I’ve been able to develop some pretty strong relationships with some of my blog buddies, and that’s been awesome. I’ve was able to be a beta reader, gotten more in touch with others via social media and even in person. The longer I stick with it the more connections and resources I find through this outlet and I think that’s pretty cool.

So for this last week of 2015 posts, look for book reviews on:

Also, on Wednesday will be my last link-up for the 365DaysofYA challenge, which has been a blast!

I hope all of you enjoy your last couple weeks of the year, whatever holiday’s you’ll be celebrating (Personally, I am super excited to get to decorate a real Christmas tree this year! Hawaii’s evergreen’s are weird), and time with your friends and family. Till next year!


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