Coming This Week: Jan. 4



It’s a new year, I can’t believe it! I hope all of you had a wonderful holiday break. I’m sure you all are still adjusting to getting back to real life, and I understand that. The break was great for me, I was able to distance myself from my current MS, which brought on some unplanned ideas, and got to take on some home projects like a new headboard and nightstands made from reclaimed wood. Now though I need to get back into my writing! I need at least one more strong round of edits on my MS, and then I really need to get into my WIP that has been floating around in the background only getting occasional attention.

I’m sure all of you are in the same boat, and while I don’t make New Year’s Resolutions, I am going to make a concerted effort to have more faith in myself and my writing projects. What about all of you?

Anyway. This week for my first book reviews of 2016 you’ll see:

A great series that I ended 2015 with and will certainly be revisiting in the future. On Wednesday I am going to outline my reading plans for the year!

I’m glad to be back and excited to start another year blogging!


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