2016 Reading Plans



Last year was a great reading year for me. I ended up reading 125 books/short stories, and it was the most I have read annually thus far. I read so many great books, a few not so great books, and was introduced to several new authors and series that instantly became favorites.

I’m aiming for the same number, or more, of books read this coming year. To share my excitement I thought I would share some of my most anticipated reads for the year. Most of them are continuations of series, a few their finales, but all that  I can’t wait to get my hands on:

There are tons more that I am so excited to start, but I just can’t fit them all in this one little post. There are also several series that have been on my TBR that I would love to start, along with some classics that I just haven’t gotten around to.

Also, I already have a list of re-reads that keeps growing. I don’t know about you, but I love re-reading books, weather it’s to prepare for the next book in a series, to revisit after the movie versions, or just to go back to a story that I loved. Here’s the list so far:

What are you all’s reading plans?




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