Beta Reading my own MS



As I mentioned on Monday, I spent most of last week Beta Reading for a friend. This was the second time I was given the opportunity to be a Beta Reader, and I think I am getting better at it. Anyway, beyond the privilege of getting to read someone else’s work, it really made me think about my own MS.

I am through the third round of editing, and over the winter break I thought of a few things I need to tweak. However, every time I sit down to edit my MS, I end up rewriting large sections and completely loosing focus on the “edit” process. So I’ve decided, I need to Beta Read my own work. I will make these few changes, get some feedback from one of the people who currently has had eyes on, make a few more changes, then I will lock Scrivner away and run through the word document, revision tab in full power, and actually read the story!

I am admittedly a pretty tough peer reviewer, so who better to be asking the tough questions that will point out weak spots and places to grow? Obviously, I know that I will not be as impartial as I am imagining this process, but I do think running through the MS without getting sidetracked will be so good for me and the story.

How do you all edit? Can you get through the process without getting sidetracked, or do you have to set rules and parameters for yourself?


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