Monthly Word Count


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I’m sure all of you who participate in Camp NaNo understand the power of that chart that maps your writing progress. That little chart has so much influence over me during the month long writing challenge. When I am ahead I feel so accomplished, so capable. When I am under that line I start to feel nervous,it perpetuates my writers block, and sometimes it completely gets out of hand.

Well, no matter what, having something holding me accountable is a great driver for my writing habits. For any of my habits actually. I always do better exercising with a partner, in school I loved having deadlines, and I always had assignments done early. So, I decided to find a way to create a NaNo chart for myself, to give me a visual representation of my progress, of what I was working on, and of the patterns of my work habits.

I went with a basic Excel spreadsheet, but I love it! It’s easy, I list the days, my word count, and what I was working on. Then I have the total WC put in a chart and I can see my progress throughout the month.

December was weird because I was out of town half the month, but you can see I was still able to get a ton of work done before then! This is also a great way to make me stick to my schedule, I can’t lie to the spreadsheet, and it will show me exactly how much of an impact my lazy day has on my productivity.

Do you keep any kind of chart mapping your writing progress?






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