Coming This Week: Jan. 25



I’m a multiple book a week reader, usually. Lately though I have been in a slump. I’ve read a few good ones: Illuminae, Truthwitch, A Darker Shade of Magic to name a few. But overall, nothing this year is really getting me in that “I can’t wait to pick up this next book,” mood. I think I may just be in a general non-reading mood. It hits me every once in a while, and I’ll Netflix binge instead. But this just seems worse than usual. So in an effort to fix it, and get me excited again, I am going to be revisiting some favorites. First on the list, The Hunger Games, who doesn’t get excited about that?

But, while I continue to wallow in my uninspiring art encounters until then, you get to hear more whining on Wednesday, this time about a movie.

Book discussions this week will be:


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