Movie Review: The Revenant



I don’t do a lot of movie reviews on this blog. But sometimes, I just can’t help myself. Especially when I severely dislike it, but it’s getting nothing but acclaim. I’m not pretending to be some movie expert, but I like to think I have pretty eclectic tastes, I like my fair share of the “artsy” movies.

Well, my husband really wanted to see “The Revenant,” and after he told me the true story about Glass, I thought it could be fun. I mean I haven’t read the book, but I got a general idea of the story. So when we got into the movie, and the main reasons for Glass’ revenge was completely different, I was already frustrated.

I understand why the makers altered it. A man defying all odds and surviving this incredible journey after being mauled by a bear isn’t as touching if it’s to get back his hatchet and rifle. Avenging his murdered son is much better. I understand that, but that’s not what really happened! Beyond the very substantial shift in the main goals of the primary character, I was board for about two hours of this.

The first half hour was exiting and stimulating. Life on the frontier is being illustrated, conflict instigated, potential political elements introduced, bear attacks! But after that it was a lot of scenery shots, which were pretty, but come on we could have cut like half an hour if they had calmed down – all paired with the same music cord by the way. Leo only has about 10 lines, and is unconscious, crawling, or struggling the whole time. If anyone deserves an Oscar from this movie it’s Tom Hardy, who was amazing, his screen time was the only time I wasn’t contemplating what I could be doing if I wasn’t trapped in that theater.

But what really did it for me though, was the lack of political explanation – probably not helped by the lack of dialogue. We have American and French traders, and at least two Native American tribes. Between the three one tribe seems to be a common enemy, but we never are told why! Yes, I know they were unhappy about their lands being taken, but there had to be more to that, why were they targeting another tribe as well, what specifically were their goals, or their original land boarders and natural resources, how was that influenced by the Europeans traders? I may be overthinking it compared to the average movie gower, but this really annoyed me. There was such potential to etch a rich historical landscape, but it fell flat.

It fell flat in basically every aspect for me. I just really did not like it. Have any of you seen this? What did you think?


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