January Writing


Creative Writing

Looking at the numbers, January was not a great start to the year for my writing. I managed about 15,600 words, about half of what I did in December. However, I still feel like I achieved a lot in other aspects of the writing process.

I got to do the second beta-read I have ever done last month, and being a little more seasoned felt like I was much more helpful to the writer, and also was able to use some of the same thought processes and the critical eye on my own work. Also, it was the first time I had ever let anyone else beta read for me, it was so helpful!!

I loved getting the feedback, there were things in it that I had already been thinking about but didn’t know how to improve, things I hadn’t thought about, and just enough patting on the back to keep me encouraged to continue working with my story. I have had so much renewed inspiration for my story, which is fantastic. From what I have already done, I feel like my story and my characters are stronger, more focused, and even a little darker – but in a good way.

So while the numbers aren’t anything to really jump around about, the whole creative process of this past month has been great. I just need to focus and get back into a writing routine again this month!


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