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I’m one of those Aspiring Author’s who doesn’t really know how “aspiring” they are. I still haven’t decided if it’s anything I am really going to purse as a potential career. I know my MS is getting better, but I don’t know if it will ever be good enough for me to be confident enough to put it out in the world – or try to. Also, I’ve really only had one other idea beyond my current MS and am terrified that if I somehow am able to achieve true authorship I will burn-out very quickly. That said, I do know it’s something I really enjoy – especially when I get into a good routine and see myself making progress.

I know a lot of you follow other aspiring writers and authors in blogs and newsletters, but there is one that I really love. Susan Dennard, author of the Something Strange and Deadly series and Truthwitchhas a newsletter that I adore, and really speaks to me. Dennard constantly talks about how hard the writing process is for her, and I appreciate the honesty, and the tips she has developed for herself to help her get past the self-doubt, the rough spots, and continue searching for that inspiration.

She’s an author I look up to also because she started as a marine biologist, that’s a huge career shift! I mean at least my background has a large writing element so I feel like I already have a toe in the door of this field. Anyway, lately especially I have been having some issues pushing my story forward without losing control of it, and I always look forward to her newsletters and the advice they have.

I definitely encourage you to check out her blog and sign up for her Misfits & Daydreamers series.

Who do you all find encouragement and inspiration from?


5 thoughts on “Inspiration from Authors

  1. Mostly from other writers and my family. Inspiration comes from anywhere. A fair amount from my dreams, but a lot just pops into my head without provocation, or after a bout of people-watching. Writing prompts can help too, I guess, though I think I’ve only seen maybe half a dozen writing prompts that I really enjoy.
    I also follow a lot of literary agents, publishers, and editors on Twitter, and they are always posting good tips and ideas.

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