February ’16 WC


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Well this past month totaled up to just over 21,000 words, about a 6,000 improvement on January, and I’m pretty pleased about that. One thing I did notice in my writing, which is reflected pretty will in the fancy little chart I made, is that my biggest problem lies in writing over consecutive days.

This week though I have started something that I think will help with that. I talked about daily writing exercises last week, and how they are useful for working your ‘writing muscle.’ I did my first one Monday morning, it related to my current MS, and I think I will use that as a theme throughout the week to help me look at my story and its characters from different angles. I didn’t spend a ton of time on it, just while I was eating my breakfast, so about 20 minutes total, resulting in about a 3 page handwritten blurb. But it was a lot easier for me to get into my writing this afternoon, already having ‘warmed-up’ in a sense.

I will try my best to keep this up, and because it’s such a short amount of time, and with no dedicated plan, I think it will be pretty easy to even on days when I am busy with other things. I’m sure I will find ways to excuse myself from the exercise though when I start having trouble coming up with material, as one does.


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