Coming This Week: March 28



The craziness that comes with moving has already descended. While this is probably going to be the easiest move for us thus far – no oceans to cross and whatnot – that doesn’t mean that it’s less time consuming. This week we are making our last trip to TX before the move, and beginning to clean and organize for the packers. Then we’ll be packing what we are moving ourselves, having the packers clear out all our stuff, and clearing the apartment. So my reading is going to be sporadic.

That said, from now until May most likely, things here are going to be a bit unpredictable. I’ll keep putting up reviews as I read, but I can’t guarantee twice a week. This week for instance, I only have one I know will get out:


Hopefully, I will have a Thursday post too. So hang in there with me, and keep a look out for the book reviews that make it through, I have a few really good ones in the line up!


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