Review: The Untimely Deaths of Alex Wayfare



Goodreads Synopsis:

As Alex’s sister loses the fight against cancer, a race for a cure sends Alex traveling back and forth through time, dodging enemy Descenders who seem to know Alex’s every move before she does. Realizing her enemies have privileged information, Alex fears there is a traitor hiding within the small band of allies she’s grown to trust.

A traitor who might bring Gesh straight to Alex’s front door.
While Gesh closes the gap in Base Life, and Blue’s true identity surfaces, Alex stumbles upon a secret about her reincarnations that will change her life, or her lives, forever.

The fun continues in this sequel/finale to 57 Lives; the historic boondoggles are only more intricate, and along with a heaping dose of character growth, this a compelling installment.

I really enjoyed that the focus of this book was not on the villain in the previous – he is still a presence, but not the priority. And Alex is having to figure out her priorities in this one based on the pattern of her reincarnation.

Seeing how important her family are to her and watching their interactions was very sweet, as well as her growing bonds with the people around her at school and through her time traveling abilities. While this doesn’t end as one would expect based on the first book, it felt appropriate, smart, and real. And I think reality is the one thing Alex was missing out on for most of her life.

Overall, this was still just as fun as the first book, but with a little more maturity, and a little more smarts. Buehrlen will be an author to watch.


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