Coming This Week: August 15



Some of you may have noticed that my “Coming This Week” post was missing last Monday. Well, that’s because I was waiting to be discharged from the hospital. Last week my husband and I welcomed in our first child into the world. I had planned to give you all a few weeks notice before my blog schedule takes on a more unstructured layout, but I was taken by surprise when I went into labor almost 3 weeks early.

So anyway, as I adjust to this new addition to my life and daily routine I expect my reading pace is going to be altered a bit. That said, for the near future I will be posting whenever I finish a book. I will stick to my Tuesday/Thursday schedule as much as possible, but I’m sure you all can understand if I don’t make it all the time. I’ll probably also forgo my “Coming This Week” posts.

So this week you can plan on:

And for the week of the 22nd, at least:

And I am eagerly awaiting the release of A Torch Against the Night, so that will be up hopefully sometime early September.


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