My New Chapter 


I’ve been gone for a while. While I’ve still been reading  (because let’s face it, that will never be an aspect of my life that changes), I haven’t been focusing on getting blog posts with reviews up.

My focus has shifted a bit, it’s been centered on getting my small business started. 

I’ve talked a few times on this platform about my personal life and major changes and new paths. One I’ve been thinking about for a long time, but kept putting off as something unrealistic, was starting my own photograph preservation and digital restoration service. 

Well, I’ve finally done it. Now that my little girl is one (I’m still trying to rationalize that), I’m starting to get more time to myself again. She’s able to entertain herself enough that I’ve been able to entertain getting back to working. I love my work as an archivist. I’ve dedicated years of my life to learning about history and how it affects the common man. And I want to get my hands on that history again. 

Truthfully, being an Archivist – or anyone in museum work – is a tough career. It’s a very specialized, small, and stagnant community. Unless you live in a big city or epicenter for culture, your options are limited. I understood that when I started down this path. However, it’s time that I take things into my own hands. 

My business, Another 3 Generations is similar to many of the digitization companies out there already. You send me your photo collections and I’ll turn them into digital files via high quality scanning, and I’ll even restore them. Unlike those services though I’ll also physically preserve those hard copies. I’ll clean them of dust and mildew, slide them into crisp buffered envelopes, and nestle them into archival boxes. I make sure that while you can upload those old photos of your grandparents in all their retro glamour onto your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram; you also still have that origional copy. The photo that shows it’s age spots, has that handwritten caption on the reverse in their elegant script, and even a few finger print smudges. I make sure you can pull out something tangible of your family past, of your history, of how your family has been a part of the world before you. 
I know this is a blog about books.  But it’s also a place where we all talk about our dreams and bolster each other. So if you or someone you know is interested in this service please share. 

Honestly, I’m hoping my business is so successful that I don’t have time to do reviews. But I may still squeeze a few in. I’ve been in an historical fiction phase lately and am working through Elizabeth Chadwick’s series about Eleanor of Aquitane, I highly recommend! 


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