I’m an aspiring, aspiring writer. I’ve got two degrees in American History so am playing around with Historical Fiction, as well as a dystopian. I’ve found the best way to get those creative juices flowing is to read, read, read. So most of my discussions will be about books I have read and what I thought about them. I’m actively trying to break out of my analytical writing rut, so be gentle with my experiments, I understand most of them read like a fourth graders short story about giraffes in the Amazon (and yes, that’s an actual story I wrote in elementary school).

In other areas of interest, I love to bake, ride horses, watch movies, and drink wine – so some of those tangents will appear occasionally as well. Also, I am an Army wife and work as an archivist (usually), so maybe I’ll have some fun adventures to share about all of my fun travels.

Eventually, I am hoping that I will have the dedication, inspiration, and courage to finish the book I have started. As most of you know that’s a continuous uphill battle, but I get a little better the longer I stick with this writing thing.

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6 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey Caroline!

    I’m in the opposite boat as you: Creative Writer going back to school to get my M.A. in English. It’s been a challenge to get back in the habit of writing for an academic audience, but I think the next two years will do much to round out my writing abilities. Looking forward to keeping up with your blog!



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