Vacation Schedule



That’s right, I’m going on vacation to New Zealand! I am so excited, you don’t even know. I’ve got skiing, horse trekking, glacier hiking, and winery touring on the agenda and it’s going to be so great!

Anyway, while I am away I will not be blogging. However, for the next two weeks I have book discussions scheduled. So on Tuesdays and Thursday’s there will be the usual book reviews, as well as on Friday’s.

Here are the books to keep an eye out for:

And don’t worry, as soon as I get home and recover from jet lag I will give you guys a recap of my awesome adventure and include lots of pictures.


What Happened in TX



^ That was me all last week. Frolicking in the fields and loving not having to be a responsible adult. I did do some work-work, but being able to do it in my pajamas, or sitting at a B&N was supremely better and less stressful than at the museum behind my desk. I got to ride my horse almost every day, enjoyed the cold (yes, I know some of you think I’m crazy, but living with no seasonal changes is horrible and I finally got to wear the super cute winter coat I bought last year), and got a ton of writing done!

It’s like not having the stress of my day job freed up my creative brain – who’d’ve thunk it.

I’m loving where my new draft of my MS is going. It’s totally different from the first draft, but that’s part of why I am loving it so much. I am pantsing this pretty seriously, so I know I will have to go back through and iron out the wrinkles, but that was going to happen no matter what. It just feels smarter, and truer to myself. I am still asking the same questions of my characters, but I feel like it’s more organic in this version so far.

Now, I did all of this writing in my journal by hand, so I need to get it all in the computer now, and I will work on that this week probably – it’s going to take a while. I really love the process of writing by hand though, it’s much less stressful for me, though more time consuming for sure. I was always one of those kids who did better when taking notes by hand. The more I write or transcribe things the better they stick with me, so I think it will really help the story develop and grow in the process of writing by hand and then typing it up later.

I did not however get a lot of reading done. My book every 2-3 days became a book every 4-5 days. It’s interesting how busy you can get on vacation! I reread the Legend series though and loved that whole process (Sierra and I got into a pretty epic discussion about it on Monday). And I reread The Winner’s Curse in prep for The Winner’s Crime. I’m just in a rereading mood I guess (Percy Jackson next?).

Anyway, no matter how much I like not having to be responsible, it is good to be back home and getting into my usual routine again. I just hope I won’t loose all this writing energy I gained. . .